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Our calendar of workshops is varied, from dance to Shamanic Drumming. These longer sessions are a great way to explore the world of health and wellbeing, broadening your understanding of what works for you.

Tango classes and workshops with Benjamin

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Originally from Argentina, Benjamin have been dancing and teaching for longer than 15 years. Based upon his knowledge of body biomechanics, the analysis of tango partner’s movements and the rhythms in the execution of tango steps, he developed his own teaching approach. It aims to deliver a clear, direct and unique tailor made learning experience to each of his students.

Having studied in prestigious art schools and universities in Argentine and Brazil, the multi-faceted artists built a solid carrier in the performance arts. For instant, Tango, Contemporary Dance, Argentine Folklore, etc., are part of his portfolio. Benjamin have teached and performed tango in many countries, e.g. Japan, Ireland, Germany, England, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentine, etc.

His passion for tango was the trigger to create the “Charme Tango” dance company in Brazil and the “Tango Club UK”. Naturally, an international tango community was born, as an umbrella that holds several cultural and pedagogical projects led by Benjamin.

About the classes:

In this class we will study about expressing the tango musicality and emotions through organic movements and creative structures.

The tango class cover a range of techniques and knowledge of the movement of both bodies in the couple to develop fundamental skills, like balance, poise, dynamics management and precise coordination

Suitable for all levels


New workshops coming soon

Blessings Tribe, one and all we are very excited to welcome Arachai and Joe to the Centre to share their beautiful heart felt vibes in ceremony and song.

The evening will kick off with a Cacao Ceremony, leading into a full immersion Sound Bath using the instruments of Handpan, Didgeridoo, Gongs and more.. and to finish the evening off, an intimate gig sharing some reggae vibes and original songs ?

There will be time for socialising and chatting after as well.

Much love ?
James, Arachai and Joe

Suitable for all levels