Pilates Classes in Harrogate

Improve strength, core stability, recover from and prevent injury with Clinical Pilates and Physio Pilates classes in Harrogate

At The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing in Harrogate we offer a wide range of Pilates classes to suit all ages and abilities and everyone is welcome no matter age or abiltiy. We work with many referred patients with more chronic back/ joint problems as our classes are recommended by medical professionals.

Based on the work of Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), Pilates incorporates various aspects of exercise types, including gymnastics, yoga, dance, self-defence and weight training, and offers a great way for people of all ages to improve their physical fitness.

Clinical Pilates

Anne-Marie has worked in the Phyisotherapy department at Harrogate District Hospital with referred patients and still takes referrals from the Hospital and other medical specialists, she has been teaching for over 30 years and has as a wide range of experience and knowledge,  she is also trained in post and antenatal Pilates.

Anne-Marie teaches a style of Pilates which is suitable for all levels incorporating the use of the studio equipment, there is also a strong emphasis on breathe and mindful awareness.

Pilates for the Pelvic floor and beyond

Anne-Marie also has specialist training and knowledge of the pelvic floor and how to exercise the pelvic floor properly; as taught by the pelvic floor physiotherapists.

In the Pelvic floor class we learn and practise the specific exercises as explained in the video , the “beyond” referring to the fact that the class goes beyond these exercises incorporating other Pilates exercises as well.

Physio Pilates

James has worked along side Physio’s for the past 5 years and teaches a style of Physio-Pilates designed to help students avoid and recover from injury, incorporating both the Pilates stability ball and mat Pilates into his class for the greatest benefits. This class is suitable for those who want a general tone up and improve strength and stability and for those recovering from injury. James also specialises in pelvic stability and can help those with pelvic misalignments and lower back issues in class (please see below). James teaches beginners class on Tuesday mornings at 10.30am and is also available for 121 sessions.

Our facilities

As a purpose built studio we have access to a wide range of equipment which allows you to get the most out of your workout as there is something for everyone. The Pilates stability ball is used in almost every class and helps to challenge your balance and stability which improves core strength more quickly than working on the mat. We believe our classes are unique as we also use our yoga experince in placing a strong emphasis on the breathe and mindful movement which will help you on all levels.


Anne-Marie is a Clinical Pilates teacher, with 30 years experience at Harrogate Hospital. Anne-Marie also has specialist training and knowledge of the pelvic floor and how to exercise it properly as taught by the pelvic floor physiotherapists. With one of the pelvic floor specilist physiotherapist Anne-Marie holds regular seminars and workshops on the pelvic floor. Here is a recent video on this subject.

Pilates on the Ball DVD

Anne-Marie has bought out an internationally selling Pilates on the Ball DVD. This was done in conjunction with Dr. Martyn Speight a leading musclo-skeletal specialist. The DVD has been reviewed and is recommended by Back Care the National charity for Care of the Back and it has also been reviewd and is recommended by a leading physiotherapist.

It is a safe and thorough teaching tool that will help you get the most out of your workout as different options and levels from beginner to more advanced are given and explained clearly.

The DVD is availabe to purchase at the studio cost £16

Pelvic Stability, Lower Back Pain and SI joint issues

At the age of 18 James fell very badly on his ankle playing basketball. Over the years this created a pelvic misalignment and caused knee, lower back (SI joint) and eventually neck issues. Through working with physios in Harrogate and Pilates exercises over the last 5 years James has stabilised his Pelvis and overcome lower back, knee and neck pain.

The pelvis in Pilates is the most important part of the body as it is the central axis of the body from which the legs and spine connect to. Therefore if the pelvis is misaligned this will effect all other parts of the body and often an injury to the foot/leg can manifest up the body and eventually into the neck. Approximately 95% of lower back pain is due to a misaligned pelvis. Having worked through these issues personally James can help you in class with similar issues.

Pelvi Pro

The Pelvipro is designed to stabilse the pelvis and to bring the SI (Sacro-Illiac) joint back into alignment. Reoccurring lower back pain around L5/S1 is a strong indication of SI issues. Through creating a slight pelvic tilt, pinning the hip into position and a simple leg extension, specific muscles are activated which brings the SI joint comes back into the correct position alleviating regular lower back pain. James has been trained to instruct students how to use this and will design a programme for you to help stabilise the key muscle groups around  the pelvis to prevent the SI joint going out in the future. For this or to book a more general 121 in Pilates with James please contact him on [email protected]