Look after your mind, body and spirit with our Holistic Therapies. 

At The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing & Harrogate Yoga Retreats in Harrogate, we’re passionate about bringing you a wide range of therapies designed to improve your physical and emotional well-being.

These include Holistic Treatments, Soul Coach Sessions,  Dietary consultation, Ayervedic Consultation , Vibration training and more.

Online Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Dietary Consultation or Spiritual Coaching with James

James offers a holistic personalised consultation to meet your needs. We can primailry look at your lifestyle and diet following Ayurvedic principles or focus on your yogic spiritual practice exploring chkara balancing, breath work and meditation etc.

James will be attentive to your needs and life cirucmstamnces and give you practical steps that you can employ to start making postive and impactful changes to your life for lasting benefits.

For the Ayurveda consultation James can advise you on your Dosha (body/energy type) and look at how Ayurvedic (Indian traditional medicine) principles can assist you to improve the quality and harmony of your life, primarily looking at diet, relaxation, lifestyle habits and any other areas of health that you maybe keen to explore.

For the Spiritual coaching James can help you work through current life challenges, problems and trauma using meditation, breath work and the chakra system to help you heal and evolve spiritually, building a personal spiritual practice.

This would also be the perfect ‘first contact’ point with the centre where James can also advise you on what woudl be the best next step for you based on your circumstances. 

Zoom calls are possible. Investment is £60 for 75 minutes.

In person121 Pilates or Yoga sessions with James

James offers 121 sessions at the centre in Pilates and Yoga.

If you are suffering from back issues, James will look at your alignment and give you certain exercies that can help mitigate back pain, SI joint issues, Hip issues, knee and neck issues for example.

With Yoga 121s he can help you put together your own personal practice or help you with specific aspects of the practice.

£50 for 1 hour

Holistic Therapy, Soul Coaching & Angelic Reiki Training with Kelly-Anne Head

CIDESCO, BABTAC, ITEC, Angelic & Star Reiki Master/Teacher

Kelly-Anne has 16 years experience in the field of mind, body, soul, healing and transformation. Offering powerful healing sessions supporting your soul growth and empowerment on all levels, physical , emotional ,mental and spiritual. She works personally and distantly supporting you to receive activation and divine guidance to become your highest souls expression of self.

Angelic Reiki School Circles and Godess Rising  Retreat Days at the Centre also available, see for details

Goddess Rising

Relax release & recharge, skin body & soul. A bespoke aromatherapy back massage to ease & nurture the body, then receive Angelic Star Reiki to balance your chakras system & heal the energy body. Finally relax with a Rose Quartz Neals Yard Rejuvenating Facial. To bring a glow from the inside out. A little heaven on Earth.

120 mins of bliss | £127

Spirit Body Balance

Soul embodiment. An intuitive consultation, followed by a tailored aromatherapy back massage, then a channeled Angelic and Star Reiki healing. A powerful combination, relieving physical, emotional and mental stress. Feel energetically lighter and deeply aligned on all levels.

75 mins | £70

Angelic Star Reiki Crystal Chakra Balance

The perfect healing for worn out souls. Heal, release & transform. Kelly-Anne will harness high frequency Angelic energy, chanelled through her hands. Crystals are placed over the chakras to vibrationally re-balance. Reconnect, release anxiety, upgrade your energy fields to the highest vibration, attune to your souls gold print.

60 mins | £70

Angel Soul Coaching and Soul Alchemy Session

One to one intuitive mentoring, revealing soul growth opportunities of any situation that may be challenging you. Sessions guide you through the ascension process of your higher soul. Learn tools & 5D dimensional perspectives to navigate the energies of these transformational times. Creating positive change & transformation on all aspects of your life.

60 mins | £70

Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Massage

Retune and reset. A flowing full body massage focusing on marma points for energy realignment. The Kansa Wand is an Ayurvedic tool with an alchemy of healing metals over 2000 years old to boost the auric field and rebalance the meridians. Deep nourishment and nurture for your whole being.

75 mins | £70

Mandarin Mother to Be

Relax and receive! ‘Mummy to be’ you will be fully supported with pillows behind the back and neck, whilst a nurturing massage to the whole body, using balancing mandarin oil, to relax, nourish and connect Mum and baby at this very special and sacred time.

75 mins | £70

Ayurvedic Head Massage

Release ! A destress therapy to relax from mental and emotional strain Starting with tailored aromatherapy oils you receive a shoulder massage, leading to a head and scalp sequence of Indian inspired movements ,followed by the Kansa Wand for meridian rebalance . Supports the relief of mental burnout , eye strain, headaches and tension.

75 mins | £70

Rose Crystal Revitalising Facial Therapy

Tranquility. Using organic Neals Yard products your skin receives a double cleanse, brightening exfoliation, tailored aromatherapy shoulder, décolletage and face massage, lifting rose crystal massage, tailored mask, arm and head massage. Result, bright, firm, reconditioned skin.

75 mins | £70

Consultative Aromatherapy Massage

Complete serenity ! After intuitive consultation a tailored selection of essential oils are blended specifically to your needs. A potent way to treat the physical emotional and mental bodies.

75 mins | £70

Head & Toe Heaven

The de stress Ayervedic head treatment , followed by a re-balancing reflex foot massage . Releasing mental strain , and grounding your energy with an activating and nourishing lower leg and reflex point foot therapy.

75 mins | £70

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Deep relaxation. Himalayan stones energetically cleanse and rebalance the electro magnetic field or aura, inducing a deep state of peace for mind , body and soul. Rose quartz stones are used within the massage to vibrationally balance and soothe the spirit.

75 mins | £70

Gerry Andrews, a CNHC-registered advanced massage therapist, Body-Mind Coach and Reiki practitioner offers services at the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing on Thursdays by appointment.  

I like to think of my work as “therapy-informed bodywork.”  Working with me you will have access to my personal blend of Eastern and Western massage techniques and approaches (ranging from deep tissue remedial massage, sports massage (including specialist Kinesio taping), myofascial release, trigger point therapy and other neuro-muscular techniques), Reiki and my unique solution-focused body-Mind coaching service.  Prices start at £55 per hour.

Vibration Training

Vibration training is a unique training device based on mechanical vibrations. In just 10 minutes you can get the benefit of 1 hour’s intensive power training and will achieve a result that is 20-30% better. For those short of time it is obviously of great benefit. When using it, 100% of the muscle fibres are activated, while blood flow and hormone release is significantly higher than in conventional training.
Vibration training can be used for a wide range of health reasons, such as spine and posture/gait problems. Due to the increased blood supply to the area it is particularly beneficial in the rehabilitation of injuries and we are already getting good results for those using it who have knee injuries.

It is also beneficial for ME, MS and those with fibromyalgia. Due to the increased release of the “happiness” hormone – the body coach is also of great help when treating depression, or for those with burn out.
Weight, inch and cellulite reduction can also occur if it is used regularly.

Allergy Testing with YorkTest laboratory

Supporting your health with our comprehensive range of tests

With 40 years’ experience in food intolerance* and food allergy testing, and as a leading home health test provider, we work with you to optimise your diet and help take control of your health and wellbeing.

We support the testing process with a follow up consultation, a full Ayurvedic consultation is £55

Tests on Offer

Premium Food Intolerance Test £139

Allergy Check Test 139

Essential Health Check Test 55

Female Hormone Test 55

Female Fertility Test 55

Menopause Test 52

Cortisol Stress Test 41

CRP Inflammation Test 41

Thyroid Test 41

Male Hormone Test 55

Vitamin D Test 41

Cholesterol Test 41

Liver 51


Soundwave Therapy

The Physioacoustic sound wave massage chair is FDA and BSI medically approved and was devised by scientists after more than 20 years of research

It is used to treat a number of conditions such as pain relief, healing of tissues and bones after fracture or injury, rehabilitation of Invalids and disabled, and for insomnia, arthritis, stress and anxiety.

Sound healing is a well recognised from of healing. Whle on the chair you feel the sound waves as a sympathetic resonance within muscles and other tissues, this releases stress and tension through a deep body massage. The following medical claims are allowed:-

  • It improves blood circulation
  • Reduces pain
  • Relaxes muscles

Headley Court – the hospital that the armed forces use for rehabilitation after serious injury have installed two chairs as they have proved so effective and this particualr chair was recommended by Dr.Speight a leading back care specialist and Anne-Marie’s medical advisor for her  “Pilates on the Ball DVD” .

Various spas use it for those who need to relax or for those with insomnia – it’s  known as “The sleep retreat”

Narl 517

The Narl 517 is a revolutionary technique which combines the safe application of ultrasound to the body which releases noradrenaline ( i.e. NorAdrenaline ReLease i.e. NARL). The result of this is to heat up and break down the subcutaneous fat cells. The liquidized fat is then discharged through the blood system and out of the body, providing exercise takes place within 70 minutes of starting the treatment. The radio waves also help tighten the skin by stimulating fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

To get best results you need a minimum of 12 x 10 minutes sessions (so it’s very quick).

The Back Revolution

The Back revolution Is an inversion system that can repattern your spine improving posture, and spinal misalignment it is especially beneficial for any disc compression or nerve pain and can help with the prevention and treatment of sciatic. We will show you how to use it safely and we recommend you use it when ever you attend class.

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