Chris Burford

I am lucky enough to now have more of a ‘portfolio lifestyle’ which includes teaching Tai chi, counselling and some corporate change management.  I am a member of the Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association and qualified as a 2nd Duan (Instructor) in 2019. Coincidentally, Zhong Ding is based in Malaysia where I lived for a while as a boy with my parents and where my life-long interest in the Far East began. It’s a joy to return to Malaysia to study a range of martial arts under Masters from various countries.

There is so much to Tai chi, the health benefits, the martial aspects, and the supporting philosophy, that one lifetime is only enough to ‘scratch the surface’. We are learning to experience our mind and our body, and for some also spirit, working in harmony through movement. We also learn to develop a sense of stillness, even when we are moving so much so that Tai chi is often referred to as a moving meditation. That said, Tai chi also includes ‘fast forms’ for the more experienced practitioners that are fast and strong.

From my counselling experience I have found that many people feel like strangers in their own bodies. I think it is so important for our wellbeing to feel comfortable and at home in our own bodies. Tai chi helps me do this.

“Stillness is what creates Love, Movement is what creates Life, to be Still yet still moving – That is everything”

Do Hyun Cho