Bridget Tayan

Bridget is a retired Primary School teacher, who now spends her time studying, practising and teaching Tai Chi and meditation.

She is a member of the Zhong Ding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association and qualified as a 3rd Duan (Senior Instructor) in 2016 and has been fortunate enough to study a range of martial arts under Masters from China, Malaysia and the Philippines as well as in the UK

Bridget enjoys all aspects of Tai Chi, including the martial side, but is also very interested in the philosophy behind it.

Tai Chi is very good for developing concentration, awareness, balance, co-ordination, and core strength as well as helping to improve mobility. It is also very relaxing, almost like a form of moving meditation. It is done standing up but some exercises can also be done sitting down.

Since the Covid restrictions were put in place, Bridget has been holding her class in the Valley Gardens where there is plenty of room for social distancing while moving around. This has proved very popular with the class who enjoy doing their Tai Chi outside in such beautiful surroundings.

The class is on Thursdays from ‪10.00 – 11.00‬. It is held by the Sun Pavilion, which is undercover, so it doesn’t matter if the weather is poor

Previous experience is an advantage but not necessary. Everybody learns in different ways so, as far as possible, we try to cater for each member of the group individually.

We start the class with a few warm up exercises and follow this with some Qigong (energy work) before working on our Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi Form and other skills linked to TaiChi.

We end each session with some meditation before going down to the cafe for a cup of coffee the social aspect is also really enjoyable and valuable to our health and wellbeing