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Take a moment to familiarize yourself with Anne-Marie, James and the rest of the team

Anne-Marie Burford

Professional Member of Pilates Institute
Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3
Posture, Pilates, Yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra
Remedial Exercise & Thereuptic Yoga
Email : anne-marie@yorkshirewellbeing.co.uk

Anne-Marie is the founder of the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing and a highly qualified and experienced teacher (initially a secondary school teacher). She subsequently trained as a health education tutor, working in G.P practice with referred patients and later as an RSA YMCA exercise to music teacher Pilates and Yoga teacher.

Anne-Marie is a certified "Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga" teacher with the world renowned Chopra Centre for Well Being, California.
The Chopra centre are world leaders in the field of mind/body medicine.

Anne-Marie is a professional member of the Pilates Institute. She is also on the Register of Exercise Professionals, Level 3. Anne-Marie specialises in back problems, and other more complex health issues she is also a qualified pre/post-natal Pilates and has worked with referred patients and staff in the physiotherapy department at Harrogate District Hospital.
Anne-Marie was named as one of the top Pilates instructors in the country by Harpers and Queen Magazine Feb 2002.
As well as teaching in the studio, Anne-Marie and James also run yoga retreat days/weekends, Ayurvedic workshops and wellness training sessions in the community, workplace and at other retreat centres in Europe and Asia.

Anne-Marie in conjunction with Dr. Martyn Speight (a leading muscular-skeletal specialist and osteopath) has bought out an internationally selling DVD - "Pilates on the Ball . The DVD is also sold and recommended by BackCare.
On retreats Anne-Marie will guide you through a unique personalised Ayurvedic/yoga style practice in the morning with a more dynamic, hatha flow class incorporating pranayama, chakra balancing and meditation. The afternoon practice is more restorative and yin-based with meditation and yoga Nidra and Face yoga. In all sessions there will be an emphasis on alignment, posture and on each individual's specific needs with suitable variations given for any particular issues such as back, neck or joint issues or other health issues.
Anne-Marie's warm and welcoming teaching style, interlaced with gentle humour and fun allows you to explore all aspects of your being in a safe and nurturing environment.
Anne-Marie is also a keen dancer - particularly Salsa and Argentinian Tango - and on retreat would be happy to teach a few moves if requested!

Anne-Marie's Pilates DVD

A thorough introduction to Pilates on the ball, including an explanation of techniques, how to engage the core, finding neutral, lateral breathing, shoulder stabilization, correct posture.

The main programme is divided into 3 sections:

1. the warm up 2. the workout 3. cool down, matt work and stretches

Section 1 and 3 are suited to all levels, even those with more serious back problems
Section 2 is suited to the more experienced exerciser, showing levels of exercises from beginner through to advanced.

With regular practice the DVD will:

  • Improve your posture
  • Work on deep abdominal muscle and spinal strength
  • Feel strong , toned and stretched
  • Enhance mind/body concentration and coordination
  • Teach you to relax and improve your breathing
  • Develop neuromuscular function
  • Throughout tuition is clear, precise, and safe.

The DVD is now available to purchase from the studio or by paypal. It is also now being sold and promoted by Back Care (Backcare is a national charity to promote care of the back in the community) and is also available in various outlets such as osteopaths, chiropractors and some gyms.

You can purchase the DVD directly from us at the studio for £16

or send a cheque or paypal payment to anne-marie@yorkshirewellbeing.co.uk for £16 + £3.50 p and p

The DVD has also been reviewed by Keith Tippey- the chair of Backcare in"Talkback" the national magazine for Backcare.

Keith says "this is an excellent educational and practical course with minimal equipment .. I found the DVD easy to follow".

James Burford

MA in Indian Philosophy and Religion
Post graduate diploma in Indian Philosophy and Religion
BSc Biology with Anthropology
Pilates Lvl 3 Teacher
Astanga Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance)
Sivananda Hatha Yoga Teacher 
Ayurvedic Massage Therapist
Reiki Master
Email : james@yorkshirewellbeing.co.uk

James spent over 5 years of study and training in India from 2007 - 2012. He is a Sivananda Hatha Yoga and Astanga Yoga teacher, as well as a Pilates teacher, Ayurvedic massage therapist and a Reiki master.

Due to his interest in spirituality from a young age, James journeyed to South Asia on a spiritual pilgrimage in 2007. After two years of extensive travel, he settled to live in one of India's most ancient and holy cities, Varanasi. James was awarded a grant by the Indian High Commission - one of the only two grants given to Commonwealth students to to study in India. In 2012, after three years of intensive study, James completed his post graduate degree in Indian Philosophy and Comparative Religion at Banaras Hindu University. His academic studies and personal sadhana has focused primarily on Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda and Tantric traditions, including extensive personal retreat and immersion into the esoteric teachings of Kashmir Shaivism and training with the Trika (Agama) school of Tantra Yoga in Rishikesh.

James provides in depth teaching of all aspects of yoga and its underlying philosophy. He has sound understanding of Pilates and physiology with 10 years of experience in Pilates and appeared in Anne-Marie's DVD 'Pilates on the Ball'. James has a keen interest in sports, travel and music and is a grade 8 pianist and also plays the guitar and djembe drum. 

James's personal yoga website can be viewed here;  http://www.gopalayoga.co.uk  



Chris Burford

Chris has practised Tai Chi for over 20 years and trained as Tai Chi teacher in Malaysia, he is offering a weekly Tai chi class and 121's by appointment

Chris also work 2 days a week as a psychotherapist please see his new website www.temenos-therapy.co.uk.

For the rest of the week he will still be working as a "company doctor" and with two charities St.Georges's Crypt in Leeds and St. Martin-in -the-Fields, London

Chris email chris.burford@pathfinder-llp.com  tel no : 07714 218560

Kelly-Anne Head

Kelly-Anne is a passionate, knowledgeable and very experienced Spa and Holistic professional. Trained in London with 13 years. experience as  Press Therapist , Trainer and Manger of five star Spas.  She offers a wide range of reconnecting and recharging therapies, please see our therapies page for full details. Kelly-Anne is a semi permanent resident at the centre and helps manage the centre

Please contact Kelly-Anne on 07779 646135 or kelly@angeltreatment.co.uk to book your appointment.



Richard Manuel

Richard Manuel is a professional Tango dancer, choreographer and teacher who has taught and performed worldwide, amongst many other shows Richard joined the show “Midnight Tango” ( West End, UK Tour)  & has performed on Strictly Come Dancing BBC 1

Richard now teaches private tango lessons at the studio, please contact us for details.