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The Divine Dance of Shiva Shakti - An Introduction to Tantric Philosophy and Kashmir Shaivism Saturday 8th Spetember 11am-1pm  £25 donation

Tantra is a broad term used for any spiritual practise recognising that life and the universe is permeated by conscious energy and that this energy can be used to develop spiritually.  It recognises the supreme reality as Shiva Shakti where Shiva is the masculine - Spirit or Consciousness, and Shakti is the feminine - energy, power and creation. Together Shiva and Shakti, Mother Father God work together to manifest reality. Tantra guides us to return to this divine union of Shiva Shakti, Subject Object, Male and Female within us. This is done by healing our bodies of trauma and expanding our consciousness to come into recognition of our own God/Goddess nature. In this seminar James will lay out the foundation of Tantric Philosophy and give practical ways for us to start freeing up this energy within us.  Please contact james@yorkshirewellbeing.co.uk to book on

Autumn Equinox Fire Ceremony & Shamanic Drumming Saturday September 22nd 6-7.30pm

We're back for another celebration of the great times of change! I invite you to join us on this special Autumn Equinox event as we come together and light the sacred fire. This will be followed by drumming led by James. To book on please contact James on james@yorkshirewellbeing.co.uk

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 degree Training workshop (Retreat) with Dale Tobin

Starts : Saturday 29th September  10.00am- 5pm - Sunday 30th September 10.00am- 5pm. 


This workshop will give you the most perfect gift for you. It will support your own personal healing and spiritual journey, open up gifts and spiritual talents; reveal your dharma and life’s purpose. It may be to help you to support family and friends or be a step on the way to share it with others as a professional healer or teacher. It may totally change your life. Angelic Reiki is a hands on healin gmodality where yo ulearn to call i your own personal angels to assist your healing. For more deatils of the full syllabus please email James. 

To book on please contact James on james@yorkshirewellbeing.co.uk

An introduction to Astrology September 26 £10 6.30-8pm

A 45-minute presentation with experinced astologer Paul Barker followed by 45 minutes open question time. An introduction on how the Zodiac and planets relate to an individual’s personality and potentials, as shown in their horoscope, based on their date, time and place of birth. How the current and future position of the planets can be used for insight into current and future opportunities, challenges and situations. Paul will be using the chart of a very famous male vocalist to help explain how the birth chart mirrors the personality of the individual, see if you can work out who it is!



THE DIDGERIDOO HEALING Saturday October 6th 18:30 - 19:30 followed by a 30 minute Shamanic Drumming session and social. Donation £10. 

Sound can be a powerful & energising holistic therapy. The sound and sound vibrations bring harmony to the physical body, balance the subtle energy fields, whilst calming the mind and inducing deep relaxation. During the session the Didgeridoo is played, along with other therapeutic instruments such as Himalayan & Crystal Singing Bowls to bathe you in calming, healing sounds.  Everyone is welcome, sessions are open, informal and light hearted. No special skills or previous experience required. Just bring a smile and let the sound work its magic! 

Please contact James via Facebook or on his work email james@yorkshirewellbeing.co.uk to book your place. As it will be busy, booking is required

Dream and Dream Travel Workshop with James   2018 date to be confirmed 

This dream workshop completes the 3rd part of the Spiritual Warrior workshop series held by James this year. You do not need to have attended previous workshosp to join this one. 
 In this workshop James will teach about the nature of dreams, the different types of dreams, how we can interepret them and how we can start lucid dreaming and preparing for full out of body experience also known as Astral Projection.  When we dream we are experiencing our infinite self, unconstrained by the limitations of 3D reality. Many indigenous cultures base their lives on the higher guidance and information received from the dream world.  Due to trauma, toxicity and a lack of awarenes and energy most people have lost their connection to their dreaming self. By setting strong intentions, using relaxation techniques and treating sleep sacredly we can start to recall our dreams and then become more lucid and use them to our advantage gaining vital information and insight into our own lives. 
James wrote a blog on his dream experiences earlier in the year which can be read at his own personal website:

 Please contact James on james@yorkshirewellbeing.co.uk to book on.

The 8 Fold Path of Yoga - Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali Saturday 2019 date to be announced

You are invited to this seminar on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjli with James. Th Sutras form the foundational Yoga text by the sage Patanjali from ~500BC. The texts cover the 8 fold path of yoga including Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing practices) and Meditation as a step by step guide to physical, emotional and spiritual mastery, which will be presented in the seminar.  James lived in India for 5 years and studied at the famous Benaras Hindu University (BHU) from 2009-2012 completing post graduate studies with a diploma and Masters degree in Indian Philosophy and Comparative religion. 

Donation £20. Booking is required as spaces are limited. Please respond to this post or email James on james@yorkshirewellbeing.co.uk to book on.

 Earth and Soul Celebration. postponed new date tbc
We would like to invite you to share an Autumn celebration
 We will be consciously connecting with the earth’s cycles to bring awareness to prevailing energies that subtly affect us all.
September is the month when the earth’s energy is settling and we begin to feel the pull to prepare for the colder months as new possibilities reveal themselves.
Day and night, light and dark are equal reminding us to find balance and equilibrium.
Choose not to be disabled by the dark, but enabled by a new confidence. Decide to develop your inner senses, your intuitive and natural instincts.
You are warmly welcome to join me and sit round an indoor fire (candles in sand) and explore your personal birth number (19 is a very positive number, the sun card in tarot represents the dawning of a new day)
We will take a moment to think, reflect and raise awareness to insights and understandings that will nurture us though winter.
Everyone will receive a bulb; naming something they plan to nurture in the winter months, a project maybe.
 Vitalise your energies by connecting to our ‘City of Jewels; the Solar Chakra’ with some balancing yoga poses.

Share a soothing drink whist reflecting on the evening. Everyone will receive personalised homemade incense to take home.

 Please book through Mandy at mandy@circleofdaises.com or through the website



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