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Look after your mind, body and spirit with holistic therapies

The Holistic approach

At The Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing & Harrogate Yoga Retreats in Harrogate, we're passionate about bringing you a wide range of therapies designed to improve your physical and emotional well-being.

These include dietary consultations, Tarot and astrology readings, vibration training and more.



Ayurvedic Dietary and Lifestyle Consultation

James offers consultation where he will advise you on how Ayurvedic (Indian traditional medicine) principles can assist you to improve the quality and harmony of your life, primarily looking at diet, relaxation, lifestyle habits and any other areas of health that you are keen to explore. 

Holistic Therapies with Kelly-Anne Head

Consultative Aromatherapy Massage : 1 hour £48
After consultation a bespoke choice of essential oils will be blended specifically to your needs. A powerful way to treat emotional and physical stress. Treats sleep problems , anxiety, aching muscles etc. Complete serenity !

Well being or Deep Tissue Back Massage : 30 mins £28

Spirit Body Balance: 1 hour £45
A 35 minute intuitive back massage followed by 20 minutes of Angelic Reiki healing, the perfect combination to relieve physical tension and mental stress.

Ayurvedic Head Massage : 30 mins £25
Wonderful for peace and calm . Starting with a massage to the shoulders the head and scalp is treated to Indian inspired movements to reconnect and rebalance the senses,

Head and Toe Heaven: 60 mins £45
The Ayurvedic head treatment followed by a reflex foot massage the ideal way to reconnect body and mind.

Soul to Sole: 45 mins £ 35

A relaxing foot exfoliation to start your journey , then following a reflex massage to rebalance mind and body with tailored essential oils .

Rejuvenating Neils Yard Facial: 50 mins £37
Lay back and drift into peace whist your skin is treated to a double cleanse , brightening exfoliation, shoulder, décolletage, face massage, re-conditioning mask, arm and head massage. The ideal skin treatment for bright, nourished , silky soft skin !

Angelic Reiki and Chakra Balance: 50 mins £45
Kelly-Anne is an Angelic Reiki Master of 10 years  This very special form of healing harnesses energy , that is chanelled through the palms. These rest at the shoulders, the tummy  and the knees whilst you are clothed. This therapy is excellent for worn out souls, those in need of energy reconnection, stress, physical and emotional imbalance.

Stress Soother: 45mins : £37

Relieving tension in the back and the legs, relax with layered massage techniques and tailored essential oils.

Relax and Renew: 50 mins £40

A stress relieving Aromatherapy back massage, flowing into a conditioning and nurturing facial , including face and head massage.

Skin and Sparkle: 60 mins £45

A revitalizing and conditioning organic facial followed by a mini pedicure for perfect toes .

Finishing touches :

Pedicure Therapy 60 mins £37

Completely relax whilst you soak in a bubbling foot Spa, and then lay on the treatment bed with a lavender eye pillow for some perfect 'me' time. You wil enjoy a softening foot scrub , lower leg and reflex foot massage, followed with careful care to cuticles nails and the prefect polish to finish.

Manicure Therapy 60 mins £37

Feel well with the world whilst your hands soak and you are treated to a dose of Angelic Reiki to destress mind and body. Following a nourishing scrub , hand and arm massage before cuticle, nail care.and polish

Mini Pedi: 30 mins £20

Steamed mitts cleanse the feet ,nails and cuticles worked upon, and your favourite polish for perfect toes.

Mini Mani: 30 mins £20

Hands are soaked, cuticle, nail work and your choice of pretty polish to finish.

Eye brow and lash tint £22

Eye brow wax £11

Please contact Kelly-Anne on 07779 646135 or kelly@angeltreatment.co.uk to book your appointment.



Vibration Training

Vibration training is a unique training device based on mechanical vibrations. In just 10 minutes you can get the benefit of 1 hour’s intensive power training and will achieve a result that is 20-30% better. For those short of time it is obviously of great benefit. When using it, 100% of the muscle fibres are activated, while blood flow and hormone release is significantly higher than in conventional training.
Vibration training can be used for a wide range of health reasons, such as spine and posture/gait problems. Due to the increased blood supply to the area it is particularly beneficial in the rehabilitation of injuries and we are already getting good results for those using it who have knee injuries.

It is also beneficial for ME, MS and those with fibromyalgia. Due to the increased release of the "happiness" hormone – the body coach is also of great help when treating depression, or for those with burn out.
Weight, inch and cellulite reduction can also occur if it is used regularly.

Soundwave Therapy

We have installed an FDA and BSI medically approved physioacoustic sound wave massage chair, which is used for a number of conditions such as pain relief, healing of tissues and bones after fracture or injury, insomnia, arthritis, stress and anxiety. You feel the treatment as a sympathetic resonance within muscles and other tissues, this releases stress and tension through a deep body massage. The following medical claims are allowed:-

  • It improves blood circulation
  • Reduces pain
  • Relaxes muscles

Headley Court the hospital that the armed forces use for rehabilitation after serious injury have installed two chairs as they have proved so effective and this particualr chair was recommneds by Dr.Speight a leading back care specialist and Anne-Marie's medical advisor for her  "Pilates on the Ball DVD" . Various spas use it for those who need to relax or for those with insomnia - it's  known as "The sleep retreat"

Narl 517

The Narl 517 is a revolutionary technique which combines the safe application of ultrasound to the body which releases noradrenaline ( i.e. NorAdrenaline ReLease i.e. NARL). The result of this is to heat up and break down the subcutaneous fat cells. The liquidized fat is then discharged through the blood system and out of the body, providing exercise takes place within 70 minutes of starting the treatment. The radio waves also help tighten the skin by stimulating fibroblasts to produce more collagen.

To get best results you need a minimum of 12 x 10 minutes sessions (so it’s very quick).

The best results have taken place when combined with vibration training, as up to 9.2cm loss around the stomach has been achieved, with an average of 4.6 cm lost.

We are all aware that the safest and best way to lose weight and tone up is to eat sensibly and exercise and we are not in favour of any gimmicks, however the NARL relies on you exercising as well.

The Back Revolution

The Back revolution Is an inversion system that can repattern your spine improving posture, and spinal misalignment it is especially beneficial for any disc compression or nerve pain and can help with the prevention and treatment of sciatic. We will show you how to use it safely and we recommend you use it when ever you attend class.

Shop and Products

At the centre we stock fair traded organic products from Pukka herbs and Neals Yard Remedies as well as other yoga/Pilates  products and gifts please call in and browse for your self

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